Bubble Sorting

Bubble Sorting

Bubble Sorting is a fun and demanding game in which you must sort bubbles by color and place them in the correct tube. The game has simple controls that are simple to learn but difficult to master. You must use your sorting abilities to move the bubbles to their proper tubes.

Bubble Sorting requires you to move the bubbles to their proper tubes by sorting them by color. The game has various levels of increasing difficulty, and you must complete each level before time runs out.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to drag and drop the bubbles into the correct tubes.
  • Sort them quickly and efficiently to complete each level before the time runs out.

Some small tips:

  • Plan ahead: Plan ahead and sort the bubbles efficiently.
  • Be fast: Sort bubbles rapidly to finish each level.
  • Power up: Power-ups speed up bubble sorting. Optimize your score using them.

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