Bubble Shooter Hexagon

Bubble Shooter Hexagon

The goal of Bubble Shooter Hexagon is to aim and pop groups of bubbles of the same color. You have to pop all of the bubbles before the time runs out and stop them from hitting the bottom edge. The game has 48 levels that get harder as you go, and the goal is to finish them all to win.

Bubble Shooter Hexagon can be played on both computers and smartphones for all ages. Explore different levels of the game for fun and entertainment.

How To Play

  • Aim the bubble and let it be near other bubbles of the same color. The bubble can be turned to find the best position.
  • Get at least three bubbles of the same color close together to pop and go away
  • Try popping more than one bubble at the same time to get more points.
  • Power-ups can also make the game easier.

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