Colors Bubble Shooter

Colors Bubble Shooter

Welcome to Colors Bubble Shooter game with many exciting innovations. Your main task is to shoot down all the bubbles in the game to move to the next level until you complete all the levels. In the game you will see bomb bubbles, rainbow bubbles,...all of them have their own effects that we have listed below. Use those items as efficiently as possible.

Are you ready? Let's roll!

How To Play

Mouse tap and move to aim

Mouse release to shoot

When shooting bubbles, make three bubbles of the same color

When the bubbles come into contact with each other, we can be eliminated

Number of bubbles that can be generated

Tap the current bubble to switch with the next one

Use bounce on both sides to shoot bubbles to the best position

Bombs to blow up the surrounding bubbles

Ball cannot be discarded so try to shoot them down

Props that let you to launch bombs. There will be some levels that you can use it for free

Shooting lightning will remove the entire row of bubbles

Rainbow bubbles are very precious. It will remove all the bubbles of the same color